TopTier™ Stand

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The patented TopTier™ Modular Brewing Stand from Blichmann Engineering™ offers the ultimate in brewing flexibility! It fits any manufacturer's kettles or kegs up to 21" in diameter and up to 30 gal, so you can reuse existing equipment. Mix and match burners or shelves for each tier to suit your process. Plus, the stand quickly knocks down for storage or transport. 


    • Maximum capacity per shelf tier: 125 lbs.
    • Maximum capacity per burner tier: 250 lbs.
    • Maximum capacity per utility shelf: 50 lbs.
    • Lowest height of bottom tier: 19" (use enough elevation to drain into a carboy)
    • Maximum height of upper tier (bottom of pot): 72"
    • Maximum pot diameter: 20"

Our research and development team wasn't satisfied with selecting just any burner for the TopTier™, so it developed and tuned its own. While many manufacturers claim an impressive BTU capability, all they're talking about is the input energy, not the actual energy entering the pot. Isn't the whole point to heat wort, not the atmosphere?

Our Requirements

  • High-efficiency
  • Fast heating
  • Non-rusting, fume-free stainless frame
  • Excellent outdoor flame stability
  • Quiet operation
  • Great low-setting performance without yellow flame (blackens bottom of pot)

Our Result

A 72,000 BTU / hour burner that blends heating power and efficiency, no louder than a whisper! In addition, low-flame combustion is clean, wind performance is outstanding, and the heavy stainless construction is built to last a lifetime! For operation on natural gas, expect 15% less power and 15% longer heating times due to the lower BTU content of natural gas versus propane.

We also documented that the published BTU of competitive burners varied wildly from actual measured results. Measuring the performance is straightforward: Simply run the burner for an hour at full power and measure the weight of the propane used in pounds. Then, multiply the weight in pounds by 21,000 to get the burner rating in BTU / hour. For example. the Bayou Classic has a published rating of 180 KBTU / hour but only measured at 68 KBTU / hour.

TopTier™ burners run great on natural gas! Due to the lower energy content of natural gas compared to propane, there is a 15% derate but there's still plenty of heating power. Approximate heat output is 60,000 BTU / hour.

This requires a 6" H20 gas pressure, which is typical for residential locations. However, we do not recommend installing this product indoors. Consult the manual for required minimum distance from structures.

For floor burners, you will need the floor burner gas conversion kit (pictured above at right). It includes an orifice ported for natural gas and also a needle valve for flame height control. We recommend you have a professional plumber do any piping to the stand. You will not need the propane regulator and propane orifice included with the stand, so store them away should you ever wish to operate on propane in the future. Also, this requires a separate gas shutoff valve, which is not included with the kit.

For stand burners (pictured above at left), all you need to do is switch out the orifice and remove the propane regulator. We recommend hiring a professional plumber to install the gas to your stand and ensure that the installation meets local codes. Also, this requires a separate gas shutoff valve, which is not included with the orifice.