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The RIMS-Rocket™ Electric Immersion heating coil leverages our popular HopRocket™ canister to give you a no-compromise RIMS heater (Recirculation Infusion Mash System).  Simply install this heater into the HopRocket™ canister, plug it into your system and you're in business.  Super easy to clean and ultra-low watt density gives you unparalleled performance and simplicity. Available as an upgrade to your HopRocket or a complete kit with HopRocket and Electric RIMS Heater. Contact your retailer for more information.


The RIMS-Rocket™ Electric Immersion Heating coil leverages our popular HopRocket™ canister to give you a no-compromise RIMS heater (Recirculation Infusion Mash System).  We offer an upgrade kit for current HopRocket™ users, or a complete HopRocket™ and RIMS-Rocket™ bundle for those who don't. Super easy to clean and ultra-low watt density gives you unpatrolled performance and simplicity.

  • The RIMS-Rocket™ heating element is 240V, 3500 W, ultra-low watt density and is engineered to perform optimally in your RIMS system
  • NOW AVAILABLE!! The RIMS-Rocket™ heating element in a 120V, 2000 W model.
  • Removable custom engineered power plug means cleaning is a snap - no dangling power cord tethered to your heater and the terminal pins are spray-down capable! 
  • The RIMS-Rocket™ heater assembly clamps right into our HopRocket™ canister for added versatility and lower cost
  • The RIMS-Rocket™ includes a "plug and play" 12ft factory wired cable with a molded twist-lock L6-30P plug on one end, and our custom removable plug on the other end
  • Less than ultra low watt density means NO chance of scorching when used in accordance with instructions
  • Includes pressure relief plug to guard against improper installation or operation
  • Optional RIMS-Rocket™ mounting bracket conveniently attaches the RIMS-Rocket™ to your TopTier™ brewing stand or other brewing stand.
  • Couple with our new electric TOWER of POWER™ controller for the ultimate in temperature control for your brewing system.  Visit our TOWER of POWER™ page for more detail!
  • Perfect for batch sizes up to 20 gal!  Use the formula on the data tab to calculate ramp times for larger batch sizes.


Fittings: 1/2" NPT male

Power/Voltage: (3500W / 240V) ; (2000W / 120V)

Amperage: 14.6A(240V) ; 16.6A(120V)

Recommended GFCI breaker: 20A

Plug: L5-20P X Blichmann custom removable plug(120V)

           L6-30P X Blichmann custom removable plug(240V)

Cable: 12ga, 12 ft. (3.5m) ultra-flexible(120V) ; 

10ga, 12 ft. (3.5m) ultra-flexible(240V)

Ramp Rate formula in °F/minute = .0068 (Watts/gallons)

Max Batch Size for Step Mashing:  120V= 10 gallon batch

                                                               240V= 20 gallon batch


Click the link below to download a PDF of the current RIMS-Rocket™ product manual.

RIMS-Rocket Owner's Manual

HopRocket Mount Owner's Manual

Power Cord Configurations


Given that the RIMS rocket has a natural fluctuation of temperature and sometimes reaching above 156°F, will the heat from the coil de-nature the Beta-Amylase enzymes in the mash?

THE MASHING PROCESS IS VERY DURABLE.  The enzymes do not denature instantly. DENATURING IS a process that takes time. As the wort goes though the RIMS Rocket, the enzymes heat up, but are quickly returned to the top of the mash and cool off QUICKLY.  USING A LOWER POWER SETTING (25% OR SO) ONCE YOU’VE REACHED YOUR STEP TEMP WILL REDUCE OVERSHOOTING AND ELIMINATE ANY ENZYMATIC DEGREDATION.  With all OTHER factors correct, SUCH AS WATER CHEMISTRY, MASH PH, AND PROPER CRUSH, achieving 80% efficiency is achievable with a RIMS setup.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, HOWEVER, IS MASH PERFORMANCE REPEATABILITY.