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The HopBlocker offers a 95% efficiency on pellet hops and is virtually impervious to plugging! PLEASE NOTE: The HopBlocker is designed for use with pellet hops only. Whole/loose hops will plug the unit. While using whole hops, or a mix of whole and pellet hops, you must bag your whole hops in a large muslin grain bag. This will not affect the utilization rate and will result in significantly less wort loss.

Click the link below to download a PDF of the current HopBlocker™ product manual.

HopBlocker Owners Manual-V3


"Just wanted to let you know that your new hop filter is incredible! I previously used your T-shaped boil screen then switched to a homemade version using steel braid, but your new-style filter was a tremendous improvement over either. The wort drained much more quickly than before, and even though I left more hot break in the kettle, I still managed to get more wort out, reducing my water needs by approximately 1/2 gallon.

Thank you for another great product. I had been eagerly waiting for the new filter, but the unique design of this far exceeded my expectations. I will be recommending this to all of my brewing friends."

- Mike Zeman, Vancouver, Washington, Member of the Bader Brewing Club