Dual Element Controller

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The Dual Element Controller from Blichmann Engineering™ is like nothing on the market. This high-quality temperature control module powers two heating elements simultaneously to handle the power needs of large kettles.  Each of the dual outputs can handle 30A at 240V for a combined capacity of 14,400 Watts!  It also bears the Blichmann Engineering™ hallmark of simplicity. This controller works in concert with our suite of equipment options to complete your Blichmann Engineering™ system or to act as a freestanding control powerhouse. 

For years homebrewers and professional brewers alike have relied on the Tower of Power™ and BoilCoil™ product lines because of its exceptional durabiliy and accurate control of their brew day. This unit has been designed manufactured to bring the same dependability and precision to your brewhouse. Assembled in USA from US and global components. 


Purchase a single control unit for your dual element boil kettle, one for your dual element hot liquor tank, or both. This unit is optimized to power up to 14,400 Watts of power of any two heating elements, including Blichmann Engineering's mighty BoilCoilTM elements. 

Precision & Accuracy

We aren't kidding when we say the Dual Element Controller offers superior precision and accuracy. The control module will hold your brewing liquor within +/- 0.5°F (0.28°C). With this level of precision, repeatability with your beer will become the norm in your brewery.

For accuracy and precision, you need both a high-quality sensor and a high-quality meter that can read it. The Dual Element Controller uses a single Class A precision RTD and a high-quality metering circuit found in PIDs and PLCs. Only the TOWER of POWER™ delivers that level of accuracy - so accurate and precise you can use it to calibrate your other instruments.

Automation & Auto Ramping 

With the Dual Element Control module, ramp times are fast and automatic, with outstanding control and easy maintenance of +/-0.5°F (0.28°C) stability. Free TOP-Link software and optional communication cable can be purchased to easily program an unlimited number of mash profiles and even monitor and log data on your PC. This level of automation brings reproducible results every time, taking your brewery to the same level as a professional brewery.

The Controller Includes:

  • Specifically designed to work seamlessly with our 55 Gallon BoilerMaker™ Kettles with two BoilCoils™ installed.
  • Class A precision RTD temperature sensor. The sensor can be installed in BrewMometer™ hole in your kettle for an HLT or into any 1/2" NPT fitting with the included adapter bushing.
  • Digital Power control to meter the intensity of the heating element from 0-100% power. The power control allows you to dial in the exact boil-off rate for precision control of your boil volumes.
  • Optional Low level kettle switch deactivates heating element to avoid dry firing and potential scorching with element exposed to air. Simply connect low level switch installed in kettle to the TOWER of POWER control module and you are protected from dry firing and potential scorching. with element exposed to air. Switch available factory punched for easy installation or as an after purchase add on.
  • Data port for optional remote monitoring and mash-profile programming (unlimited profiles) on your PC (Optional communication cable required).
  • One decal for MASH and one for HLT for appropriate labeling.        
  • Compact enclosure of 8.25"W, 7"H, 9"D that is easily integrated into your brew system, #10-24 threaded mounting holes located underneath.        
  • Brushed stainless cover and gloss black powder-coated case that will look beautiful for years.
  • Two 12' UL approved 10GA power cables with NEMA L6-30P receptacles.

Please Read Before Purchasing*

The TOP-Link communication and programming software is free to download for use with your TOWER of POWER™ control module(s). Use for any other purpose or product is strictly prohibited. This software is for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 only. A Mac version is not available. It is highly recommended you master operating the TOWER of POWER™ control module in manual mode before attempting to operate in auto ramp/soak mode.

Important: Technical support for this advanced feature is available through your retailer or Blichmann Engineering™. We strongly recommend reviewing the online videos (below) prior to purchasing the optional communication cable to connect your PC to the TOWER of POWER™ control module. Note that communication cable is not a simple USB cable. It converts the instrument's RS485 protocol to USB via an embedded chip in the cable. While the communication cable will work on nearly every Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 machine, we cannot guarantee that it will plug and play out of the box due to the large variety of operating systems and hardware platforms. If it does not immediately load, you can download the cable drivers below. If you still require assistance, please contact your retailer or a PC professional.

Driver for Windows Click for Executable Zip File

Click this link to download the TOP-Link software: TOP-Link Ver2-01 

TOP-Link Software Video PART 1

TOP-Link Software Video PART 2