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At the NHC this year we announced a few new products:

The BoilCoiltm line of electric heaters for our BoilerMakertm brew pots.  Available NOW!

The BrewEasytm - a revolutionary new two-kettle hybrid brewing system - gas and electric MANUAL controlled models are available now.  The electric controllers for the BoilCoil will be available in mid to late July.

Modular extensions to increase capacity of our Fermenatortm conicals - Available NOW!

And now we're pre-announcing an exciting new innovation we've been developing for a few years now - the Cornicaltm modular fermentor and keg! (Coming this year!)



We have been asked for some time to develop a homebrew specific electric heating system and we've responded with incredible simplicity!  The BoilCoiltm system is a clean-sheet design to eliminate the annoying aspects and safety issues of existing and DIY heaters.  Namely a "less than ideal" electrical connection system with an annoying heavy power cord permanently affixed to the pot.  And most are not water tight or particularly safe.  They also require the user to drill a massive hole in the pot or weld in a large coupling.  Expensive and risky!  Lastly, the watt density and less than ideal configuration causes sacrifices in boil quality.

The BoilCoiltm stainless immersion heater has a circular coil on the perimeter of the pot . This stays neatly out of the way and generates an impressive convective current in your pot driving off DMS and other undesirable compounds.  The massive surface area of the coil also allows an ultra low watt density that will not scorch your wort.  Each BoilCoiltm is engineered specifically for each size pot and batch size for a consistent boil off rate and impressive power.  Last, but certainly not least, is the custom molded removable power plug.  No annoying cord to get in the way during cleaning.  With its immersible coil, cleaning the BoilCoiltm is a breeze!  Installation is a simple and requires only two 5/8" holes to be drilled in your pot with a step drill.  We will also have an electric Tower of Powertm with a custom made linear digital power trim.  For simple installations we'll have a high power switch at an economical price.



The new Patent Pending BrewEasytm KettleRIMStmbrewing system is a hybrid of a batch sparge and a brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) system with RIMS capability.  It is a two kettle system (Mash tun and boil kettle) and while a manual setup is certainly possible, we recomment the precision and repeatability of a gas fired or an electric RIMS system. Developed specifically for compactness and ease of use this system is about as easy as mashing gets - no sparge, and no holding a scalding hot wet bag. Perfect for apartment brewers and space constrained brewers that don't want to sacrifice beer quality.  And best yet, it has the efficiency of a batch sparge, wort clarification of a RIMS system, and the simplicity of a BIAB.  We'll have a Tower of Powertm LTE available - a lower feature version of our big tower at a more comfortable price point.



In production now are our new PATENT PENDING MODULAR EXTENSIONS for your 14.5 and 27 / 42 gal conical.  Increase the capacity of your 14.5 Fermenator to 25 gal and your 27 to 63 gal or your 42 gal conical to a massive 80 gal !



The next innovation coming off our workstations is a revolutionary NEW PATENT PENDING Cornicaltm MODULAR KEGGING AND FERMENTING SYSTEM.  Built with a Corny keg at its core, we've integrated an exchangable bottom to allow you to ferment with our conical bottom, then flip it over, switch to a standard keg bottom, and you're ready to carbonate and dispense!  The beauty of this system is the elimination of transferring the beer and also the competitive price!  The keg body is Italian made on modern automated machinery - no inferior welds like other imports.  The conical bottom is one piece and made right here at home!  We'll be in production later this year - check back for updates!!!